Dr. Harriet Mall LP, LPC, CTS

Dr. Harriet Mall

Dr. Harriet J. Mall became a therapist after earning a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, and pursing Expressive therapies as well as Transpersonal and East/West psychology. Working with brain injury and neurological disorders in neurorehabilitation gave way to understanding the traumatic effects of coping with illness and injury. Dr. Mall became a fully Licensed Clinical Psychologist, with a specialization in Neuropsychology and applied Neuropsychology, she is also a Licensed Professional Counselor and Certified Trauma Specialist. with additional certification as a Board Certified Expert in Traumatic Stress and often serves as a consulting Neuropsychologist and is a trauma specialist.

Dr. Mall’s training in psychology evolved into a holistic psychotherapeutic practice which has proven to be highly effective for individuals, couples, and families across the lifespan. She is passionate about making meaning of our experiences, looking deeply into ourselves and finding balance in life.

Dr. Mall is past chair and serves on the Ethics committee for the Association of Comprehensive Energy Psychology (ACEP) and previously served on the Standards and Training committee of the Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing International Association (EMDRIA) for over eight years. Dr. Mall is an EMDR Institute and Humanitarian Assistance Program Facilitator; she is an EMDRIA Approved Consultant and Regional Coordinator for Michigan. Is a member of the Association for Integrative Health and Medicine AIHM and a core team member in the development of the Michigan chapter.

Additionally, she and her husband Sandy are Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS) Community Group Leaders, Certified Ageing to Sageing Leaders, Laughter Yoga leaders, Certified Facilitative Community Mediators, and Co-founders of the Waking Wisdom Foundation.


Initial session – $195 | Per session – $175