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Anat Shlagman / Traditional Naturopathic Doctor:
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Castor oil party
guided meditation night

Would you come to my castor oil party? We will learn what is a castor oil pack,
what are its benefits, how to apply it and eventually try it through a guided meditation.
Herbal tea & light refreshments will be there too….

Info – (248)-538-5045

Product preparation class – Natural Cleaning Products

Of all the house chores, cleaning is not my preferred one and, conveniently, I do not find dust to be my enemy. So, we both found a good balance in this area, but occasionally we do, of course, must disturb each other…

In these occasions, I want to spend the least amount of time and money and get the most efficient results. I want these cleaning products to be handy for the moment I decide to disturb my dust. Otherwise, it would be a while until this moment comes back again….

Would you like join me for a demonstration of some of my natural cleaning solutions? Maybe some air fresheners, dish soaps along with all propose cleansers?

Would you like to learn how to make these cleaning products?
To have them handy just in case you need them?

$15 per participant

Whole body Care
Self Reflexology Workshop

There is nothing more powerful than the ability of our body to heal itself. While Reflexology is the study of areas in feet, which correlate to organs and tissues in the body, Self-reflexology is an amazing tool to use anywhere/anytime to achieve self-healing.

In this class, each participant will learn how to perform self-reflexology on his/her own feet, while I go around assessing specific issues with each individual’s feet.

Inviting all courageous souls, who wish to understand what is happening in their own body and seek to achieve a deeper healing naturally.

Info – (248)-538-5045

Salve making class Featuring Pain Relief and Stress Relief salves

Would you like to learn how to make these salves?
To have them handy just in case you need them?

Pain and Stress are the most common complaints I hear in my practice and experience in my life….
Since I wanted to offer a natural solution before turning to drugs, I made a salve for pain relief to apply on painful areas, and a salve for stress relief to apply on the neck and shoulders at times that seem too loaded.
These two are making a difference in many lives!

Class will include a demonstration and preparation of the salves.

Each participant will take home a 2 oz jar of each salve.
$50 per participant.

Sweet Twist Class

I love Cacao!!! Such a sweet bitter – packed with nutrients and so many possibilities for use!!
Inviting you to join me to this hands-on class, discovering how cacao treats can easily be made as a nutrient bomb.

We will talk about the ingredients we use and also about my secret ingredients – herbs!!! Get a glimpse on how to choose herbs to be added to the balls according to your own current needs or wishes (stress, anxiety, immune boosting and more).

Come, it will be fun! And we may even get the chance to talk about ways to reduce your cravings for sweets. Also, a complimentary herbal tea will be served (and yes, we may talk about it as well…….)

Traditional Naturopathy 101

Healing requires taking action. It is not a passive event. We are meant to draw on our inner resources, to find the material strength to leave behind our outmoded beliefs and behaviors, and so to see ourselves in new healthy ways – to take up our beds and walk”.
Caroline Myss Ph.D, Anatomy of the spirit.

Anat Shlagman, Traditional Naturopath, invites you to step into a different paradigm and learn how you can balance your health while applying the Traditional Naturopathy pillars in your life.
Complimentary herbal tea and refreshments will be served.

What’s in Your Cart?

When you go shopping – Are you sure the products you put in your cart are the most nutritional for you and your family?
Are you confused and don’t always know what to choose?

Inviting You To a Shopping Tour With Me!

Learn How To Evaluate Everything You Put In Your cart And How To Make The Best Decision For Your Family Needs.

Inviting You To a Shopping Tour With Me!

Learn How To Evaluate Everything You Put In Your cart And How To Make The Best Decision For Your Family Needs.