Tuesday November 28th 6-8 pm

The Real Reason I Love Castor Oil Packs

article by Anat Shlagman, Traditional Naturopath Click to read

Castor oil party
guided meditation night

Many approach me asking an advice for their friends or family members.
Since I have no idea what’s happening in their friends’ lives, I suggest a castor oil pack….
But then I get this weird look and they say: “He/she will never do it”, so I tell them to do it together and have a castor oil party. And it works!
Would you come to my castor oil party? We will learn what a castor oil pack is, what are its benefits, how to apply it and eventually try it through a guided meditation. A short abdominal massage will follow upon removal of the castor oil pack.
Herbal tea & light refreshments will be there too….

Bring a blanket!
We will have everything else ready for you!!

$30 per participant.

Space is limited to 6 participants only. Make sure you RSVP your spot.

Tuesday November 28th 6-8 pm

@ Integrated Therapists
30445 Northwestern Highway, Suite 330
Farmington Hills

RSVP – (248) 538-5045