Product preparation class – Natural Cleaning Products

Of all the house chores, cleaning is not my preferred one and, conveniently, I do not find dust to be my enemy. So, we both found a good balance in this area, but occasionally we do, of course, must disturb each other…
In these occasions, I want to spend the least amount of time and money and get the most efficient results. I want these cleaning products to be handy for the moment I decide to disturb my dust. Otherwise, it would be a while until this moment comes back again….
Would you like join me for a demonstration of some of my natural cleaning solutions? Maybe some air fresheners, dish soaps along with all propose cleansers?

Would you like to learn how to make these cleaning products?
To have them handy just in case you need them?

Class will include a demonstration of preparing natural cleaning products for the house, air fresheners and  dish washing soap.
$15 per participant

@ Integrated Therapists
30445 Northwestern Highway, Suite 330
Farmington Hills

RSVP – (248) 538-5045

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